Can children attend with us at this event?
Due to potential liability issues for our nonprofit, and because this event is an event that serves alcohol, we will only be admitting attendees of legal drinking age (21 and over). Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
What is included in my ticket purchase? Is food included?
There are three types of tickets available to purchase. You can find all the details about ticket options here.


The first one is the Tasting Ticket. This ticket allows entry into the event, a souvenir tasting glass, printed tasting guide, and 15 craft beer sampler tickets allowing for a 4 oz pour per ticket.


The second ticket option is a General Admission ticket, which only includes entry into the event to enjoy the blues concert. Beer will be available for purchasing by the pint or water/soft drinks will also be available for purchase.
The third ticket which is a new option this year is the VIP ticket. This ticket allows an earlier entry time, a souvenir tasting glass, printed tasting guide and 5 additional craft beer sampler tickets (20 total) allowing for a 4 oz pour per ticket.


Food is not included in the purchase of either ticket, but will be available for purchase from one of our food vendors.
Can we bring in coolers and chairs to the event?
Big Brews & Blues is an outdoor fundraising gala and the select vendors we have available will be providing food options. There will be non-alcoholic beverages available for purchase as well.
We will not permit any outside food or beverages at the event. Due to restrictions by our new venue location, bringing in chairs is unfortunately not allowed. Plenty of seats should be available.
I fell in love with the first beer I tried and I don’t want any other. Is there a way to trade in my tasting tickets towards pint tickets?
With the high quality of craft beers that will be offered at the event, we understand that it is quite possible to have love at first taste. Keeping that in mind, you will be allowed to trade tasting tickets into pint tickets at the pint ticket sales booth for the exchange rate of 5 tasting tickets per 1 pint ticket.
Pint tickets will be on sale for the price of $7 per ticket.
NO money transactions or ticket exchanges will be allowed at the beer pouring stations at this event. You must conduct your financial transactions at the pint ticket sales booth if you wish to purchase pints. Vendors have also been instructed to only serve those that are wearing the event wristband identifying them as a drinker for this event.
What is a special tapping?
Every pouring station has one selection that will have a special tapping time listed. This means that it won’t be available until that time. Watch our Facebook or check the Tasting Guide at the event for special tappings.



We realize that it is not possible to answer everyone's questions in one small section, so we invite you to submit your questions on our contact page.
During office hours, you can call us at (937) 220-6611.
We look forward to another great year and look forward to having you as our guests.
The Staff at Diabetes Dayton